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Are you one of those people who frowns at the idea of eating in front of the TV? I’m not.

Yes, as much as gathering with friends around the dining table, I also like gathering in front of the coffee table.

I won’t eat just anything, and I usually won’t just watch whatever’s on TV. In fact, I don’t have any sort of network connected to my TV. Everything I watch is a curated event presented via computer to the TV screen.

martini 1 martini 2 martini 3

My current favorite program is AMC’s Mad Men. The show’s stories unwind slowly, filled with complexity, sweet parts, bitter parts, laughs, and plenty of atmosphere. It’s kind of like a good dinner party.

So I combined my love of dinner with my love of Mad Men. An evening with fellow fans where we eat, drink and watch Mad Men… and then discuss the night’s episode in length.

For the recent season finale, I cooked up a Mad Men inspired feast. I say “inspired” because most of the 1960s food depicted on the show isn’t exactly suited for the 2010 foodie. So I made a modern steak and martini dinner, starting with 100% grass-fed rib steak served bloody rare with roasted baby heirloom tomatoes.

Dirty Martini’s served in jam jars… followed by red wine.

1965 inspired costumes and bubble gum cigarettes.

bubble gum

spontaneous cake baking bubble gum

Homemade dinner rolls with a hint of orange slathered with butter and wild thimbleberry jam. Smashed red skin potatoes with fresh rosemary, thyme and olive oil.

clover leaf rolls red skins

A romaine wedge salad with shaved red onion, bell pepper, dates, homemade garlic-blue cheese dressing and fresh thyme.

romaine wedge salad

And for dessert: pumpkin pie in almond-flax crust with vanilla bean whipped cream.

Any good fan will know, Betty Draper would never cook a steak dinner like this. As one twitter friend of mine said:


This season may be over, but we aren’t letting the fun go on hiatus. Dinner around the coffee table is here to stay.

bubble gum

5 Responses to “Steak al la Betty Draper”

  1. Hanhonymous says:

    Oh man, steak AND dirty martinis? Complete meal right there!

  2. Natalie says:

    The pictures are AMAZING! What a stylish group… Orange dinner rolls and garlic blue cheese dressing? Sign me up.

    Betty can have my share of the rare steak, though.

  3. This is pretty awesome although I have never seen Mad Men in my life.

  4. Rosie says:

    awesome!! :)

  5. H.C. says:

    If you thought 1960s food was scary, wait till you check out 1970s weight watchers recipes

    But great looking dinner; that steak is so juicy rare, I swear I can see it moving!

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